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DSD07 Font Papyrus swirls lightblue greens


Definetly want to go back to Jamaica at Couples Resort! It definetly was summer paradise there!


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annirana, at 01:51PM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
You look sooo happy! Do you have MM1 or just 2? I just have 2. Where did you get those blue and green tabs you made your flowers out of? Or is it really a flower? Also, where did the orange scallop edge come from?
NursegreeneyesRN, at 02:11PM on Wednesday July 25, 2007
I have MM2 only as well. This layout definetly took me a long time, but it was so much fun to do!! I'll tell you how........for the flowers what I did, I used the rounded corners shape and resized it to a flower petal. Make 4 of them and you have a flower. For the scallop edge what i did was I text capital D's using Biondi font, rotate it 180 degress and add a long narrow shape retangle and line the edges and there you will have a scalloped edge. Hope this helped!!! :D
alliesun98, at 07:00AM on Thursday July 26, 2007
Wow...very clever! I never would have thought to get that creative!
alliesun98, at 07:01AM on Thursday July 26, 2007
What font did you use for the big S and P in "summer paradise"?
NursegreeneyesRN, at 11:38AM on Thursday July 26, 2007
This font is called "papyrus", should automatically be in your MM2.
annirana, at 12:00PM on Thursday July 26, 2007
I answered a question for you on Bluegirls "easter parade 2007" page. go check it out.
annirana, at 04:00AM on Friday July 27, 2007
I just read your response on how you made those embellishments...your so clever!