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summer kids blue


These are some pages from my Mom's visit with us in July. We had a wonderful time. (Grandma's rock! For both the grandkids and the mommy!) I used Lynn Grieveson's, Chill Factor and Mindy Terasawa's, Little Trouble Maker for most of the backgrounds and embellishments.


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annirana, at 04:24PM on Thursday July 26, 2007
How cool! I have that kit, it's neat! Haven't seen any thing from you in while, looks great!
NursegreeneyesRN, at 05:32PM on Thursday July 26, 2007
I really like the background of the 1st page, that's really neat! The colors are sooo vibrant! Such a summery page layout! It's so crystal clear! WaY 2 Go!!! :D
alliesun98, at 09:29PM on Thursday July 26, 2007
Really cool pages. Did you take the photo of the yellow float in the pool? I love it!
kelliekoo, at 09:14AM on Friday July 27, 2007
thanks so much! yes. i took the picture. i love pool pictures! the light is always great and the colors are fun. outdoor pictures like this sometimes turn out looking like i know what i'm doing or something! :)
alliesun98, at 11:59PM on Monday July 30, 2007
aww..well that is a great picture! and a really good idea to use it as a background :)
kelliekoo, at 04:58AM on Tuesday July 31, 2007
lcf21, at 11:30AM on Thursday May 21, 2009
I love that photo! Great shot!