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Sterling's Pockets


...My Mind's Eye Boulevard BP and Embellishment kits used with opacity variances and shadows. I applaud My Mindâ??s Eye and welcome you to MM! This ensemble was just what I needed to tell the story of my sonâ??s pockets. To think I used to teach a resistant three-year-old about using his pockets! Now he over-utilizes them, consistently forgetting to empty them. Instead of getting aggravated, I chuckled and started stashing items in a zip lock bag for a LO. The day I found the mini-carrots in the dryer was my starting point.


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audosborne, at 04:36PM on Tuesday March 17, 2009
This is fantastic. It is so cleverly and skillfully designed. What a great idea!! I hope no one decides to scrap all the items in my purse though:). Great Job!!