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My DD at 6, next month she turns 7! I used a quick page and then embellished it a little more! Haven't had to much time lately to scrapbook, but I recently purchased a new camera so I have been wanting to try out MM3! been taking lots of photos :)


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scottygal, at 08:17PM on Saturday March 28, 2009
Jesse77 is back! I luv this! Want to scraplift it. Wondering what you added as opposed to what was in the quick page (whose kit?). Also - what camera did you decide on? Keep scrappin when you can!
cegfar, at 06:37AM on Sunday March 29, 2009
What a cute LO! Simple but very nice. It does help to have a camera that does what you want, doesn't it? Your daughter is cute too.
weblg, at 09:43AM on Sunday March 29, 2009
Great LO...The camera just loves her!
Jesse77, at 12:13PM on Sunday March 29, 2009
Thank you ladies! The quick page was a freebie from http://polkadotplum.com/ctblog/ I just downloaded it last night. I ended up purchasing a Nikon D60, I love it!!!!!! It is really easy to use, and I love the quality and clarity of the photos. I have only had it a couple weeks so I am still learning. I didn't realize how horrible my other camera was. Thank you for your nice comments they are very much appreciated :)
BeachScraper, at 04:17PM on Sunday March 29, 2009
Saved as a favorite...soooo Cute.