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bunny rabbit birth certificate


My granddaughter's new bunny, Moose. Help us welcome him into our family.


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alliesun98, at 11:55PM on Monday July 30, 2007
Moose!! What a great name for a rabbit :) Really cute!
annirana, at 05:56AM on Tuesday July 31, 2007
How cute! I think all little girls should have a bunny or a kitty (or pony) for a pet! I've not seen anything from you before, are you new to MM? If you are, then we would like to welcome you to our family!
NursegreeneyesRN, at 09:16AM on Tuesday July 31, 2007
This is such a sweet LO! Moose is so cute and adorable! Hope to see more of your layouts! If you are new to MM, Welcome to the MM club!!! : D