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Cutting The Grass

Grandson DAD Cameran weblg


A couple of weeks ago we went over to my parents house to help put the dump truck load of mulch my Mother had delivered. We worked in the yard all day long... and of course my Dad just had to get the grass cut before he would call it a day. Cameran was with us (needless to say, he had a blast playing in the mountain of mulch) and he was a big helper! This is a kit called Melody of Rain by Natasha Naste.


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BeachScraper, at 04:43AM on Wednesday April 29, 2009
Indeed this is the perfect photo...what a great memory. You did a great job with the LO. Absolutely beautiful.
Jesse77, at 11:25AM on Monday May 04, 2009
Ditto to the above, priceless memories!