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St,Marks Swim Party

swim pizza party


This is a slide show that I prepared for church from our annual church swim and pizza party. Nothing spetacular, just fun!


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NursegreeneyesRN, at 09:19AM on Tuesday July 31, 2007
HeY! This is cool! Such a fun and summery presentation for a pool party!! Looks like everyone had a gr8t time!
janetg, at 07:45AM on Tuesday August 14, 2007
Thanks for sharing a great experience with a super presentation! Where did you find the wonderful backgrounds, are they in their library?
annirana, at 03:37PM on Tuesday August 14, 2007
The flower background on the first slide was a picture of a flower that I took there, and just used it as the background. The water backgrounds were pieces of water from the pictures I took and just cropped it out and blew it up and used it for the background. Everything else came from MM2.
Bryanmn, at 10:55AM on Saturday December 15, 2007
Great job showing the church activities. It looks like everyone had a great experience. The water and flower backgrounds are a creative touch!