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My friends and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the big midnight release of the last book. My husband and I just became big fans this past year, so this was our first movie to see on the big screen with all the hype. I love the themes of sacrifice and perseverence in the books and the movies are exciting.


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annirana, at 03:53AM on Wednesday August 01, 2007
Awesome pictures. Not too many people think of using pics that are less than portrait perfect, that's one reason why I like your style. I'm a big fan of Harry as well! Where did u get the Potter font?
kelliekoo, at 04:37PM on Saturday August 04, 2007
i found the font, (along with a bunch of others i liked) at http://www.1001fonts.com it's called Parry Hotter. it was fun to "shop" for all the fonts FOR FREE! :)