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Two months in review, on one LO!


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weblg, at 01:55AM on Sunday June 07, 2009
LOVE IT! Perfect photos for a perfect layout! Love the b/w and color photos combo! Good luck!!
Jesse77, at 08:00AM on Sunday June 07, 2009
I just realized that one of my black and white photos up at the top turned back to color! LOL! I need to fix that!
audosborne, at 12:40PM on Monday June 08, 2009
I love it too Jesse. I'm crazy about that picuture of Paige in the pink sweater. Hugs, Ruth
JENNA, at 01:30AM on Tuesday June 09, 2009
Such a great idea. It does show us how busy you have been. Great job.
Jesse77, at 08:31AM on Wednesday June 10, 2009
Thanks a bunch :) Been trying to different things with my LO's, I do the same thing over and over, so this challenge was great!