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Minnesota Spring


Spring in Minnesota,uhhh! It is usually the coldest and snowiest time of the year...we were so ready for it to be over with, when it hit us again! I think it is finally here now,(keeping fingers crossed) although this weekend has been really cold and wet, but at least everything is really green!


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craftyjac, at 04:47PM on Sunday June 07, 2009
This page is so cute! Love it and will add to my favs.
audosborne, at 12:37PM on Monday June 08, 2009
I love the way you put this page together and the colors are great. I'm going to scraplift this one definitley.
BeachScraper, at 01:41PM on Monday June 08, 2009
Great journaling!!!!
JENNA, at 01:28AM on Tuesday June 09, 2009
I love it ! The colors - the layering... the journaling.... and esp. the photos of Paige.
Jesse77, at 08:29AM on Wednesday June 10, 2009
scraplift away! Thank you, I am just glad the snow is behind us for a couple months! I love summer :)