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One of my favorite graduation photos of my grandson, Cody. It is hard for me to believe that he has grown up so fast!


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BeachScraper, at 03:25PM on Friday June 12, 2009
Very Very nice...looks so professional and I really like the quote.
Montana, at 05:32PM on Friday June 12, 2009
I really like this page. Men, boys,...... guys in general are hard to scrap.
JENNA, at 02:06AM on Saturday June 13, 2009
This is perfect!!! Love it.
audosborne, at 05:08PM on Saturday June 13, 2009
Very nice page. Your grandson is a handsome young man.
RABIDFOX, at 01:10AM on Friday July 03, 2009
Strong masculine look to the page.
asiverson, at 04:50AM on Thursday December 09, 2010
This page a terrific example of a great masculine page. Thanks for sharing!