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jesse77 green nature netural fill font challenge


My DD found caterpillars today!


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Montana, at 06:41PM on Friday June 12, 2009
Looks like your already enjoying her not having school. Cute layout.
JENNA, at 02:04AM on Saturday June 13, 2009
I know that you are so happy to see green grass instead of snow. Very cute LO. Looks like Paige is enjoying her day. I thought that I would do a lo yesterday for the challenge but, my mm shapes is not working to use the fill a font. It works for all the other text. MM helped me yesterday - we got the error messages taken care of but, not sure what the problem is w/ the shapes etc. any hints? I click on it just like the other text but, cannot get it to show up on my page. Great lo Jesse.
Jesse77, at 04:51AM on Saturday June 13, 2009
Thank you both, I need to call Memory Mixer on Monday, as it is doing really weird stuff. When I was adding the paper for the fill a font, it started working REALLY slow...then after I uploaded this LO, I got a ton of error messages and switthched my photos around in my extracted LO, and now I am un able to even open this album. not sure what happened.UHH!! am worried that my whole album may be lost! I would just call Memory Mixer to see if they can help.
audosborne, at 09:28AM on Saturday June 13, 2009
Hi Jesse. This is really cute! The green works so well with Paige's pink outfit. Are you going to keep the caterpillar and watch it turn into a butterfly? I've bee having some problems with MM also. I have one huge album that will not open. I have been able to salvage some of the pages by going to MM programs files and saving the pages to a different programs. Bummer!!
cegfar, at 05:31PM on Saturday June 13, 2009
What a sweet pic, reminds me of my little nature girl. My daughter loves everything from catepillars to snakes and lizards to bugs of every kind. What a pretty LO.
JENNA, at 01:15PM on Sunday June 14, 2009
I thought it was just me. I was getting alot of error messages - he downloaded the new quicktime and downloaded mm3 again. I have not rec'v the error messages again but, cannot use the mm shapes in my texts so that I can use the fill a font. I had to delete a couple albums that I could not get into. I emailed my question re: the shape text as to why I cannot use it - will let you know what I hear. Good Luck. Keep me posted if you all have any helpful info. Thanks.
Jesse77, at 05:25AM on Wednesday June 17, 2009
Thank you all so much- Paige has really been enjoying summer, and I'm loving her being home with me :)