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Liam's First Year

black and white photos baby boy timeline


this is another scraplift from ali edward's book, a designer's eye for scrapbooking. the layout is by tina barriscale. i hope scraplifting is an acceptable practice. i find so many other folk's work so great, it seems like a great idea to just go with what they've already done.


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stefjo81, at 10:22AM on Monday August 06, 2007
i love this! since my baby girl was born i took a picture of her every month on "her day" just so i could make a time line like this. i haven't started her pages yet, i've been waiting for inspiration. what a beautiful way to capture their first year when they change the most. thank you!!
JMurdoch, at 06:33AM on Saturday January 05, 2008
Beautiful LO's! It's sure fun to watch them grow up like that! I'm gonna have to do a page like this! Thanks for the idea!
gentlelily, at 01:46PM on Tuesday January 15, 2008
I LOVE this idea! My daughter Lily is almost 5 now and I am am reorganizing her little life into digital scrapbook pages. It is giving me a chance to relive the 5 most wonderful years of my life!! I am going to have to borrow a few ideas from this page. I hope you don't mind. I cannot wait to see your next pages!
NewMama, at 05:05AM on Monday August 04, 2008
Absolutely LOVE this idea! I will definitely have to make a page like this for my little one. Thanks for the idea!