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My daughter and myself, back then and now...and I just can't believe that it's already NOW...I blinked and both of my girls are all grown up living their own lives!! I used the same kit from the other photo as well as Apple Bette and Lost in Translation all by Joanne Brisebois.


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audosborne, at 05:56PM on Wednesday June 17, 2009
Still loving this one.
Jesse77, at 08:10AM on Thursday June 18, 2009
BeachScraper, at 06:16PM on Thursday June 18, 2009
This is sooo..pretty. Love everything about it!!
Snowbiling, at 12:20PM on Monday June 22, 2009
I absolutely loved this....I am preparing to do my special family photos and have brainstorming what I want to do. I can visualize what I want, but I'm new to scrapping. I have been buying the stuff with the color schemes I want ...and now seeing your final product makes me not so reluctant to jump in and go for it. Thanks So Much For Sharing I would Love To See Others Like These
RABIDFOX, at 12:58AM on Friday July 03, 2009
I like this look you have going on...nicely done!