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wedding couple flourish neutral red


These pictures are horrible quality since we eloped and all we had handy was a cheap disposable camera. But it was the most perfect wedding we could have had - just the two of us! I need to give credit to "lilamae" for the design ideas for these pages.


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JulesGP, at 09:21AM on Monday August 06, 2007
P.S. "Oger" is misspelled on purpose - it's my husband's nickname, a play on his name Gregory (yrOGERg).
alliesun98, at 08:18AM on Tuesday August 07, 2007
Beautiful! Where did you get the gerbera daisies?
slowhand, at 08:18AM on Wednesday August 08, 2007
Gorgeous layouts. How did you tear the paper edge? Or did you import from another program?