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Too windy for pictures but, decided to give it a try anyways.


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weblg, at 02:28AM on Sunday June 28, 2009
I think it's a great photo..the windy look is great...I love the colors you used here!!
JENNA, at 10:01AM on Sunday June 28, 2009
Thank you - I always seem to have a hard time finding the right colors for Andrew's lo's.
teddiecat, at 10:21AM on Sunday June 28, 2009
This is beautiful, simple and clean. And, your little boy and girl are both adorable. We've been at the beach when it's been windy and it isn't much fun, unless you like to be sandblasted! :0)
JENNA, at 12:43PM on Sunday June 28, 2009
Thank you! I waited until our last evening to try and take pictures... should have done it the 1st day I guess. It was sooooo hot - we could only stay @ the beach for 1 hour one of the days... then had to go to the pool. Which the kids loved. This evening wasn't good for pictures but, we could actually breath. ha.
audosborne, at 01:29PM on Monday June 29, 2009
Beautiful LO Jenna and the picture is beautiful also. I hope you had a great time at the beach in spite of the wind.
JENNA, at 03:30PM on Monday June 29, 2009
We did have a good time... just went by way too fast! Thank you.
BeachScraper, at 09:38AM on Tuesday June 30, 2009
I like the clean look of this page, I have a difficult time using white but you did a great job...the photo is beautiful. It was a hot week everywhere for vacation.
JENNA, at 01:22PM on Tuesday June 30, 2009
Thank you. I seem to use white alot esp. w/ Andrew's pages sometimes the background colors just don't look right to me. Thank you!
RABIDFOX, at 12:44AM on Friday July 03, 2009
I really like paper strips, but am never sure how to use them. I like the idea of putting them behind the picture. Thanks for the idea.
JENNA, at 04:28AM on Friday July 03, 2009
I never know what to do w/ them either. But I think they add some color esp. w/ the white background that I seem to use alot! Thanks...