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I just love this picture of my son playing with the hose. To create the illusion of water spraying out of the frame, I tried a LOT of different things. Believe it or not, what you see is diamonds,crystals,or some sort of sparkly rock (Ashley & sweet - vintage valentine).


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JENNA, at 12:44PM on Sunday June 28, 2009
This is VERY creative.... I would have never thought of this. Great work!
teddiecat, at 01:57PM on Sunday June 28, 2009
Ditto, on the creativity. Love the layout!
audosborne, at 01:26PM on Monday June 29, 2009
Great idea! I have a photo very similar to this one. I may have to try this:)
BeachScraper, at 09:34AM on Tuesday June 30, 2009
I really like this, very clever and beautifully done. Great idea!!!
PamelaMalone, at 01:09PM on Tuesday July 14, 2009
nice page... going to have to try it.