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A bison roundup at Yellowstone National Park. For this layout I used both Memory Mixer elements and Raspberry Road Old Glory kit.


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RABIDFOX, at 09:07AM on Saturday July 11, 2009
How close were you to these large critters? I bet it sounded like thunder when they ran by... The bottom of the page looks like a postcard - I love the LO.
teddiecat, at 09:45AM on Saturday July 11, 2009
We were pretty close, about 50 to 100 feet away, and it was an awesome experience! It did sound like thunder, and the lowing sounds that they were making, along with the whoops and calls of the cowboys made it a memorable experience! Traffic was held up for a long time because they had to be herded across the road, but we didn't care. We just savored the experience.