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July challenge patriotic soldier


This photo, to me, says what America is all about. Our great country, our leaders and our troops, who enable us to have the freedom with which we are so blessed. The soldier in the middle, in the back row, is my son, Gregory, when he was in the Army.


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RABIDFOX, at 09:05AM on Saturday July 11, 2009
I have seen bumper stickers with this saying & I LOVE it! This is a wonderful page. It really takes a lot of guts to enter the service. I bet you were a nervous wreck when he was serving, but I'm sure you're just very proud of him now.
teddiecat, at 09:37AM on Saturday July 11, 2009
Hi, Thank you for the wonderful comments. The photo was taken 25 years ago, and he was scared to death when he entered the Army, but he was so very successful. He became an air traffic controller, a team communication chief, was deployed to Honduras and was appointed to the White House Communication Corps - this after being told in high school that he wouldn't be a success in life! But, tragically he died in an automobile accident 23 years ago when he was just 22. I almost didn't post this page because it was hard to compose, and I didn't want to bring down other members viewing the page; that's why I didn't mention any specifics. But, I do know ONE thing - I was so very proud of him then, I'm proud of him now, and I KNOW I would be proud of him if he was still with us. And he was PROUD to be serving his country. Thanks again for your comments.
RABIDFOX, at 03:52PM on Saturday July 11, 2009
This is soooo sad. I do believe that this must have been a tough page for you to do. I'm even tearing up after hearing about this tradegy. :(
weblg, at 07:49AM on Monday July 13, 2009
What a beautiful page, and tribute to your son. How heartfelt, and heartbreaking at the same time! I am tearful myself reading your story! How proud you must of been and still are of your dear son!! Thank you for sharing!!