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This is my daredevil son trying to jump out of the top of a NJ lighthouse. I'm glad we realized this in time - he probably would have squeezed through! LO is "such a boy" by MM.


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weblg, at 06:14PM on Wednesday July 15, 2009
Oh my! I had a daughter just like that!!..now that she is grown, she has a little more fear in her!! I really llike the positioning of the elements around the photo..compliments the photo very well!!
audosborne, at 05:02PM on Friday July 17, 2009
I'm so phobic about heights that just looking at the photo made me dizzy. It's a really great LO though:)
audosborne, at 05:04PM on Friday July 17, 2009
I love that bg paper! Where is it from? The colors are yummy!
teddiecat, at 08:20AM on Saturday July 18, 2009
This reminds me of when my oldest was about 18 months old. We went with my parents on a day trip to Harrisburg, PA to visit our state capitol. Well, when we got to the second story there was a marble railing and guess what Greg did? He stuck his little head between the marble posts! And-d-d, we couldn't get him out!! I was scared to death, and we had to get security to help us and I was so afraid that we would have to cut the marble, and I would have to pay for it - and we didn't have ANY money at the time! LOL You would think I would remember, but I don't how the guard got him out, but he did and I was so grateful - AND embarrassed!
RABIDFOX, at 04:03PM on Monday July 20, 2009
The bkg paper is from Memory Mixer - such a boy (I too love it!). The HBG story is pretty scary. I usually travel by myself with the kids; therefore I have no idea of what I would have done...Do you leave the stuck kid & go get help, scream frantically until some poor passerby feels sorry for you, call 911...?! My mom can't even look at this picture of Thomas. I remember when I looked at a house with her a few years back. She was so afraid of the spiral staircase, she didn't even get up to the 3rd floor... To take this picture, I stuck my camera out through the grates & snapped one shot; nearly dropping the camera in the process (I almost lost my lunch on that one).