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This is the first time our boys have ever been to the beach, and our daughter was only one year old when she visited (therefore she has no memory of it). In PS3, I made the photos have an fx of a gradient overlay (this made the photo b&w with the hint of color in the water). I also added the splash of color on the suits. The 2 submitted photos are meant to be facing pages in my scrapbook. FYI - I was jealous of all of the photos from behind, so here's my shot at it! :)


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luvnjosh, at 01:03PM on Monday July 20, 2009
Darling!! Did you use Photoshow to edit the photo?
luvnjosh, at 01:03PM on Monday July 20, 2009
duh photoshop
BeachScraper, at 02:15PM on Monday July 20, 2009
Very nice job of your "behind" photo. I like the saying on the first page.
weblg, at 05:34PM on Monday July 20, 2009
Great pages and photos! and it is a great "behind" photo...If Marilyn likes it....It's good...she has the talent for those shots! I am envious of them too!
teddiecat, at 05:24AM on Tuesday July 21, 2009
I'm going backwards in the gallery! :0) I like these pages, too. Photoshop intimidates me. I just started digital scrapbooking in February when I got my Memory Mixer from QVC. I would like to do some of the effects like you have done with Photoshop, but I think I'll stick with my Memory Mixer for now. :0)
RABIDFOX, at 05:34AM on Wednesday July 22, 2009
I've only been at this for a year, and find Memory Mixer to be so easy to use. Looking around the internet for inspirations, I see so many pages created solely in Photoshop. All I know is that they must be crazy - it's way too much work & also a hassle.