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I didn't take many pictures of my children at the beach (which I really regret), due to the fact that I was nervous about them getting caught in the ocean's undertow. The pages are the same as the b&w images submitted, just reversed & color added for the effect of water. These 2 are also meant to be facing pages. BTW - my husband decided that he and the kids NEEDED to watch "Jaws" while I got everything ready for the day at the beach - humph.


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weblg, at 05:32PM on Monday July 20, 2009
What???!! Jaws for the kids...right before the beach??!! It's a wonder they would even go after that!! At first glance..before opening the pages larger, the photos look like they are laying on the sand. I think these are wonderful and great pages for your kids to see years down the road!!
teddiecat, at 05:20AM on Tuesday July 21, 2009
I love these pages. Nice work.
RABIDFOX, at 05:35AM on Wednesday July 22, 2009
I really wanted the look of sand in the bkg, but in the hundreds of papers that I have, no sand! This was the closest I could find. Thank goodness it still looks nice.
Imaster, at 09:56PM on Saturday December 19, 2009
Those are the loveliest pages I have seen.... rabidfox, how did you design them, are these templates available in MemoryMixer or are these from some pace else? How can I build the similar pages?