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Our children are young & small enough to still be able to share a bed. This is how they all looked in the morning on the 2nd day of our vacation. I thought it was adorable how they all were in the same position. BTW - I have so many pages in the gallery right now because sleep is one thing I am currently unable to do. :(


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teddiecat, at 12:50PM on Thursday July 23, 2009
Sorry you can't sleep. I know the feeling, and it's not fun. :0( Especially when you have little ones. I started backwards in the Gallery, as usual, and looked at your last entry first, and I LOVE all of them. They are very original and creative. This one, though, with them all in the same position is priceless. I will have to check my QuickMixes, also. I don't remember seeing the brown one, and I like it.
weblg, at 05:24PM on Saturday July 25, 2009
I completely understand about the sleep thing....I have been going through the same thing for about 6 months...If I am lucky I will get 5 hours...but usually much less....anyway...I love this page...like you, it's amazing to catch them all in the exact same position!!! This will be a page they will all love when they get older!!