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I am working on these three LO's for framing to put up in our home. They are various newborn pics of the girls and our newest little one, Aaron, with their "vital" statistics. I want to put them in 8x8 frames somewhere in the house, any thoughts/advice/comments? Also, WHERE do I find 8x8 frames????


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BeachScraper, at 11:08AM on Thursday August 06, 2009
I know that A.C. Moore or Michaels have 8x8 frames. Both are craft stores. They are beautiful!!! They will make a beautiful addition to your home. I love them all. Great memories. I just went into Michael's web site, and under gallery frames they have a 8x8. Just type in 8x8 in search in Michael's site.
annefulling, at 11:43AM on Thursday August 06, 2009
Thanks so much, I found it on Michaels!
teddiecat, at 05:51PM on Saturday August 08, 2009
Your layouts are beautiful, and your babies adorable! And, WOW! all just two years apart and all in June! How neat! They will be wonderful displayed anywhere in your home.
tutti23, at 05:01PM on Monday September 07, 2009
What a beautiful, sweet page!
sseay2008, at 04:43PM on Monday October 10, 2011
I just purchased this software, and I am still learning to use it. I am trying to make a baby page, but i can't find anything like what you have on your page?