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My DD this summer, trying to get caught up, on the tons of pics I took :)


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audosborne, at 09:17AM on Sunday August 30, 2009
This is beautiful Jesse!!!! Paige looks soooo grown up and gorgeous!
BeachScraper, at 10:17AM on Sunday August 30, 2009
I love this...very simple and very pretty!!! I am excited to see more of summer pics and LO's.
jlowex2, at 06:12PM on Sunday August 30, 2009
so cute! i scraplifted this one already tonight for some pics of joshy helping me clip coupons.
Jesse77, at 07:24AM on Tuesday September 01, 2009
Thank you!!!!
craftyjac, at 07:07PM on Wednesday September 02, 2009
Wow! Stunning!
teddiecat, at 03:37PM on Thursday September 03, 2009
What a beautiful layout!
Mommy Atol, at 04:22AM on Thursday September 10, 2009
How did you do the background? Love it Maria