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Imperfect Photo Challenge


I couldn't resist taking a picture of the seagulls all lined up on a rail over the Potamac River in Washington,D.C.


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1kristina, at 07:52AM on Tuesday September 29, 2009
I love it!! Looks like a page of a calendar!!
Roelmore, at 07:30AM on Wednesday September 30, 2009
Thanks 1kristina. I was so disappointed when the picture came out blurry but this isn't too bad.
audosborne, at 06:11PM on Thursday October 01, 2009
I love it too!!
Jesse77, at 09:56AM on Monday October 05, 2009
sooo cool!
mom_to_two, at 12:31PM on Monday January 11, 2010
The simplicity of this one makes it just beautiful. Great job!