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Coronation of Napoleon

2009 France Louvre Coronation Napoleon ordaz


First, I so stole this LO from BeachScraper (THANK YOU!!). The painting of Sacre De Napoleon in Notre-Dame de Paris by Pope Pius VII is the largest painting hanging in the Louvre, and in the world. This is only the main focus of the painting, and the most beautiful! When I saw my photo, I immediately knew that I was going to scraplift this LO! I've included my photo of the whole painting as page 2, if y'all wish to see it. The photo isn't great, but trying to fit it in one frame was interesting.


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BeachScraper, at 01:18PM on Tuesday October 20, 2009
Very nice, great photo. You looked like you had a wonderful trip. Thank you.
ordazd, at 04:44PM on Tuesday October 20, 2009
Thank you so-o-o much for your inspiration! I did have a wonderful trip, and unfortunately for y'all, you 'get' to see my album, page by page! LOL!
audosborne, at 05:22PM on Tuesday October 20, 2009
I love this!! Unfortunately, when I was at the Louvre, it was so crowded it was unable to get may photos. I remember this one well.
ordazd, at 08:33PM on Tuesday October 20, 2009
I can relate to how crowded it was. I have several photos that will never make a scrapbook page because of someone's head or arm. LOL