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We spent the summer doing an internship with a minisrty on the Yakama Indian reservation. It was such a full summer. Here are some pages from the scrapbook I made about our time there.


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annirana, at 03:00PM on Saturday August 25, 2007
Hey Kellie! How have you been? Great pictures! Don't worry, I'm from Texas and have been to alot of rodeos, and still gasp and "oh-my-gosh" thru the whole thing! I'm glad you enjoyed your summer!
robertaboice, at 03:08AM on Friday August 31, 2007
Super nice! You're layouts are very creative - I enjoyed your work.
Jesse77, at 12:42PM on Monday September 03, 2007
Wow!!!! Great layouts,very creative. looks like you had a fun summer.
vclark, at 08:14AM on Friday October 05, 2007
I love this. I am not a fan of only one picture per page and this is wonderful and very attractive.
Bryanmn, at 05:13PM on Sunday December 23, 2007
Wow, you are very creative! It really showcased all those everyday scenes that we take for granted but take on new significance as a backdrop to the other pictures. I especially liked the mountaintop picture (Rockies?) Great shot!