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Fill a font maple tree backyard fall leaf


I woke up this fine fall morning, opened my curtains, and saw Mother Nature had left me this present...all the leaves had dropped from my maple tree, giving the illusion that my leaf fountain was a valentine heart.


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poohkey, at 05:16AM on Monday November 02, 2009
That is such a cool picture. How did you do the little squares?
ordazd, at 06:39AM on Monday November 02, 2009
One of Memory Mixer's two new fonts....Fill A Font. Check 'em out in the MM Store...both of 'em are GREAT!
audosborne, at 10:33AM on Monday November 02, 2009
This is really neat. What a great idea!
ordazd, at 12:02PM on Monday November 02, 2009
TY!!! I just snapped the pic...Mother Nature did the rest!