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The Beauty of Paris

2009 Paris River Siene Notre Dame


I was standing on the petit pont (small bridge) that is right in front of Notre Dame taking night photos of the river Siene, when I realized that while I've been in Paris, there hasn't been a time where I wasn't surrounded in beauty.


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jonyce, at 03:11AM on Friday November 06, 2009
This is beautiful! :)
ordazd, at 02:22PM on Friday November 06, 2009
Thank you!!! I'm having a lot of fun doing them!
audosborne, at 04:09PM on Sunday November 08, 2009
Wow! Beautiful photos and what you said is so true. I never got to see Paris at night except from my hotel window. I couldn't stay awake.
ordazd, at 12:31PM on Wednesday November 11, 2009
I'm sorry you didn't get to see Paris at night...it's magical!