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Jardin Notre Dame

2009 Paris France Notre Dame Dinner


In France, dining is an event to be savored and definitely not hurried. This dinner from sit-down to out-the-door was 2 1/2 hours...and it was VERY well worth it! Of course, George, our waiter, did everything to make this dinner as memorable as possible!


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audosborne, at 04:09PM on Sunday November 08, 2009
ordazd, at 04:34PM on Wednesday November 11, 2009
ncloud, at 09:01AM on Tuesday December 29, 2009
Great page! What embellishment did you use to mat the photos in black like that?
ordazd, at 07:06AM on Tuesday January 05, 2010
Thanks! If memory serves, I used some frames that Memory Mixer has. If that wasn't it, I imported them as embellishments from DSP or CM...I'm not sure which. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful (I'm at work and don't have MM on this computer to look it all up for ya').