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These are photos taken by a cousin who is an aspiring photographer-and a VERY good one at that!!!


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audosborne, at 12:39PM on Friday December 11, 2009
dwilliamson, at 04:08AM on Thursday December 31, 2009
Very nice. How did you do the page that has the photo "traveling" up the page. It is the page that says... "Sometimes being a brother...". I am fairly new to MM and am always looking for new techniques.
Colosunn1, at 06:16AM on Friday January 01, 2010
Dwilliamson- no problem! I agree about trying to find new techniques- it is always fun to find new things! This is actually something similar to another page here in the gallery. What I did was add the photo multiple times, although on each photo I changed the â??Opacityâ?? to give the photo the effect of being more opaque than the one in front of it. Then â??Rotatedâ?? each photo slightly to give it the effect of movement over the page. Be patient when attempting it because it does take some timeâ?¦but is worth it in the end!! Good luck and happy scrapnâ??!!
grandma 9, at 09:21AM on Saturday January 02, 2010
Thank you for the lovely ideas. You are very creative. I just received the memorymixer for Christmas and love it so far. Thanks again for the great ideas.