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Christmas tree 2009 ornaments snowman


Here's a pic of my Christmas Tree with the adorable ornaments I made with the Memory Mixer Purse Project Pattern. I printed them as a 4x6 so they were small enough not to overpower the other ornaments, yet large enough to add them to my tree en mass. I LOVE 'em! (Sorry for the poor photo quality)


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BeachScraper, at 11:50AM on Thursday January 07, 2010
They turned out really cute. Nice LO.
ordazd, at 03:52PM on Thursday January 07, 2010
Thanks! They're really much more adorable in person. I haven't learned how to take indoor, 'Christmas tree' light photos yet. Maybe by next year...=}
goddessdestini, at 02:40AM on Friday January 08, 2010
Very cute tree! Love the ornaments!
ordazd, at 03:45PM on Friday January 08, 2010
Thank you! They were fun, cost effective, and allowed me the creative outlet I needed to relieve some holiday stress. =}