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JENNA, at 06:33AM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
Great page. I love the wording. Everyday I am reminded of how fast time goes by now that both of my children are in school. I have posted comments on several pages that I like - Plain - simple - elegant. I am new at all this - and am considering purchasing MM2 but, because I know nothing about digital scrapbooking - I'm not sure if it's complicated software or easy for people like me. I saw that you have posted comments and was hoping that you help. I don't know about all the terms - scraplifing - and I don't know which websites are good for getting free pages etc. like I said - I know nothing and am new at all this. I want to do a simple - elegant Christmas card and that is why I started looking at MM2. Your help is greatly appreciated. keep up the good work!
Jesse77, at 08:48AM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
Stunning, I love it!!!! great job.
Jesse77, at 08:50AM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
Jenna, it is SUPER easy, if I can do it anyone can LOL!!!!! a great site is digitalfreebies.com, they give away something new each week, sometimes kits sometimes premade pages. Good luck to you!
JENNA, at 08:53AM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
Thank you for your help!!!
annirana, at 10:31AM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
Thank you so much Ladies! Jenna, do yourself a favor and get MM2! I had never scrapbooked digitally before now, and what would take me up to an hour the traditional way, takes litteraly minutes w/ MM. I still love the "old" way but this is just so easy and fun. Plus you get to "chat " w/ fellow scrappers! Jesse77 also turned me on to computerscrapbook.com, atomiccupcake.com & gottapixel.com and if your looking for fonts, go to 1001fonts.com, it's free! As far as the term "scraplifting" it's a take off of "shoplifting". It means you have admired someones work, and copied their idea. I take it to be very flattering! c-ya!
JENNA, at 12:01PM on Wednesday September 05, 2007
THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH... I am planning to get MM2 asap. My main interest is doing greeting/christmas cards - I have been trying to figure out Paint Shop Pro XI - some of it is a little too complicated and time consuming for me. When I saw MM2 while shopping - It looked really interesting... Thank you so much for all the website information... I will definitely check them all out. I don't know anyone that actually does digital scrapbooking... so, you have both been a very big help.. Thank you again and hopefully in no time I will be making a scrapbook for my son & daughter... I will continue to look for your pages... Thanks a bunch!