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The Little Things for January

The Little Things 2010 January


Here's my January Little Things collection. I'm enjoying focusing on the little things, and am beginning to gain an insight into what really makes me happy.


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BeachScraper, at 01:16AM on Monday February 01, 2010
You have a wonderful start on this project, I like the approach you are taking. Great thoughts and ideas! I like how you carried the colors through, simple and very nicely done.
ordazd, at 12:06PM on Monday February 01, 2010
Thank you! I wasn't sure where this project would take me, but it's taken on a life of it's own, and it's pretty insightful. I've tried to keep the pages simple, so they won't totally detract from the thoughts and emotions, yet add a touch of whimsey. I can't wait to start February!
[email protected], at 02:12PM on Tuesday February 02, 2010
Beautiful pages, emotions, ideas, and photos! I am almost done with entering my January pictures and am doing better at taking photos for February....I like that this project makes me take the time to reflect on what things make me happy each and every day! xo Jill Norwood - Seattle Wa.
ordazd, at 10:03AM on Wednesday February 03, 2010
Please post your January page(s) and let me know...I'd love to see them! Thank you for your kind words, and your insightful thoughts! Here's to a 'fellow' Pacific Northwesterner.... =}