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hat cut out scissors


I haven't finished this page. needs journalling etc. I have gone this far in DSA2 then transferred to MM for the finishing touches. Things used in DSA2 were brushes (stars) scissors (edges of paper) cut out and frame.


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ordazd, at 03:53PM on Monday February 01, 2010
That's great! He's A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Can't wait to see the finished page....PLEASE publish it! Is that you in the bottom photo sitting on the floor on the right?
Meezy, at 04:05PM on Monday February 01, 2010
No, they are the 2 who gave him the hat. An Aunt and niece. I get lots of pictures of him with us living in New Zealand we only get to see him on Skype now and again. We visited them for his 1st and 2nd birthday not sure if we will make it for the 3rd on though.
cpalm73, at 07:16PM on Saturday April 09, 2011
Can I ask what you mean by DSA2? I like all the cutting and scissor look.