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DSD07 Picture in sepia duplicated to appear in a tunnel. All beach album pages are different and created from scratch using MM. Another pic appears to be suspended over alligators, another pic that I took and using as a custom background.


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Jesse77, at 02:13PM on Sunday September 09, 2007
Really great layouts, the sepia one is amazing :) I would have never thought to do that, thanks for the inspiration!
annirana, at 02:14PM on Sunday September 09, 2007
These are all great, but that first picture is very creative! You did an awesome job!
audosborne, at 07:42AM on Tuesday September 11, 2007
Beautiful pages, very creative!!!
audosborne, at 06:56PM on Thursday September 13, 2007
I keep coming back to this page. I'm amazed at what you have done with your photos. It so oriningal and artistic. I'm just learning how to do this. Wonderful work.
thal820, at 04:49PM on Saturday May 17, 2008
Nice layouts! I've created a layout similar to the first one and I like the tunnel effect. I really like the color mixed with black and white on the second one and the alligator background is great on the forth one!