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Simple and sweet, just like her!


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audosborne, at 03:31PM on Sunday March 21, 2010
This precious!! Couldn't be more perfect!! I've enjoyed watching Maddie grow!
Lesa Hyer, at 06:33AM on Saturday March 27, 2010
hey. i was wondering where did you get your called to serve background for your Elder Terry pages?
JMurdoch, at 07:21AM on Saturday March 27, 2010
You know, I just googled them and hit "images". Let me know if you can't find them, I have them saved to my computer...somewhere.
Lesa Hyer, at 11:46AM on Sunday March 28, 2010
did you just search called to serve? or what did you search?
BeachScraper, at 03:56PM on Wednesday March 31, 2010
Very pretty!! She is growing up fast.
JMurdoch, at 01:29PM on Saturday April 03, 2010
Yeah I did. You can do that or google LDS Scrapbook papers/embellishments