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The Little Things 3/21/10


My favorite "Little Thing" this week was receiving a rare photo of my Sweetie and I. Earlier this month, we attended a concert, and while waiting in line, a young gal was snapping random pics. She took this one of us and said she'd email it to us...and she did! We have a ton of photos of each of us, but not many of us together.


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Mkleman, at 04:42AM on Saturday March 20, 2010
I love your paper and colors for this month! Much better than the quickmix. Is it from the store or another website?
ordazd, at 06:44AM on Saturday March 20, 2010
Thank you! I love the quickmix, but I was so excited to see Spring bursting out all over, that I couldn't wait to use spring colors. Green dot and green stripe is from Lasting Impressions "Limeade", peach is from MM "Sophie" by Krista, and I don't remember where the yellow came from.....sorry. ={
audosborne, at 03:27PM on Sunday March 21, 2010
I like the spring colors too. That's a great photo!!
ordazd, at 10:37AM on Monday March 22, 2010
Thank you...I thought so too! =}
BeachScraper, at 03:55PM on Wednesday March 31, 2010
You are doing a nice job with this project...keep up the good work. I like your use of the rounded corners
ordazd, at 03:44PM on Thursday April 01, 2010
Thanks! I'm having fun with this project! But I'm also finding I'm getting further and further behind on my other projects...LOL! =}