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Neutrals baby boy


My beautiful Baby...


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kelliekoo, at 05:02PM on Tuesday September 11, 2007
what a cutie! i love this page. how'd you do the face in color and rest in b&w?
Jesse77, at 05:26AM on Wednesday September 12, 2007
I just love your style of your LO's. This is so neat! I was wondering the same thing as kelliekoo. How did you get the face in color and the rest in B/W? Very cool! Jess
annirana, at 10:11AM on Wednesday September 12, 2007
eezy peezy! I used the b&w as the background,then added the color one as a photo, cropped it, opaqued it so I could line it up w/ the b&w then brought the color back up. I put a frame around the face to make it pop. Then layered the wording in the background and opaqued it down to 25%. I have Adobe PS but this is much faster! I went ahead and posted another version of a previous picture as an example. Hope that helps!
Jesse77, at 04:55AM on Thursday September 13, 2007
I can't wait to try it! Thanks a bunch!
Bryanmn, at 08:08AM on Sunday January 13, 2008
I was trying to learn how to do this in photoshop, but your idea is soooo much easier! Thanks for sharing.
janunson, at 05:23AM on Thursday September 18, 2008
I love this page!! What designer is this?
mom_to_two, at 04:45PM on Monday January 18, 2010
Gorgeous - I just love this LO.