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I've been working on my Product Catalog using the new Preview QuickMix. I've added all my kits using the original Preview Catalog. I've also added a "Little Things" section, and Freebies Embellishments Section. Lastly, I've made a template, and have taken each paper pack and pieced it out and added the coordinating embellishments. For the paper packs that I have no embellishments pack, I have added a note to the paper pack page as a reminder. This is a work in progress, and I'm already thinking about future enhancements that will make my catalog work more efficiently for me. =}


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g120426, at 04:23PM on Saturday November 06, 2010
Very sweet.
ordazd, at 06:55AM on Sunday November 07, 2010
Thanks! Designing the template took the most time. Each kit takes approximately 10 minutes tops to create. =}