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this is a page about the little exchange that goes on between my daughter and me. she also now loves to just say "i love you too mommy." (that's even before i say i love you first!) what a sweetie! i used freebies from designerdigitals.com for this. it's pretty easy to insert stuff (background, quotes, frames, etc) from there all as "photos."


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annirana, at 11:27AM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
I see your young beautiful hand resting on your young beautiful child, and am so happy for how blessed you are! You just turned thirty, and I didn't have my first child 'till I was almost thirty. (29 1/2) I'm so glad to see you so avidly recording those precious, silly, FLEETING moments about what makes your heart burst, because they grow so quickly, and you don't think that you'll forget any of these things becuase they are so precious, but as time goes by, the memories fade just a little. I wish I had gotten into scrapbooking as early as you have. You are doing a wonderful thing with this hobby! You and your children and grandchildren will treasure these memories!!!