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pink little girl


i love my aviel! again, this page is made from some freebies from designerdigitals.com. i did not realize until recently that i could use stuff from other sites to add to my pages. i thought i had to have photoshop. more reason why memory mixer is so great! not only does their webiste sell really great digital packages, but it's simpler to use than photoshop and if you want to search the web for more options you are still able to do that. (just downlad what you like and insert the backgrounds as "custom" and the elements, quotes and frames as "photos.")


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JENNA, at 05:32AM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
This is precious... My little girl is also "4" and in Pre-K and has long blonde hair.... I just purchased MM2 last week - and love it... But, still learning. I like alot of your layouts. I just figured out how to download the free fonts but, still having trouble figuring out how to download the free pages - embelishments-ribbons-pages etc. It keeps wanting to download them in PaintShop Pro. Hopefully w/ a little help... I will learn eventually and I still do not know how to add my layouts to the MM photo gallery... Thanks...
Jesse77, at 01:58PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
I really like this a lot, very cute
JENNA, at 09:34AM on Wednesday September 19, 2007
Kameron just saw this and said "mom, how did I get that shirt" She thinks it looks like her too...