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DSD07 plain simple blues reds JENNA


I'm new to scrapbooking. As you can see I am very plain & simple. With help from Jesse77 & Annirana - I am starting to catch on. Thank you both! This is my little girl - Kameron when she was 9 months old.


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Jesse77, at 02:44PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Awesome job Jenna, and what a beautiful baby girl. I just love those cute cheeks! I love the name Kameron for a girl. Keep posting, I can't wait to see more! Glad to know we could help :)
JENNA, at 02:47PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Thank you so much for all your help. I am sure that I will email you once I try to download the free backgrounds etc.
annirana, at 03:12PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Success! Great job! Beautiful baby! I assume she was born in March? My daughter turned 8 in March. I wanted to name her kevin but like for a girl, Kevinne, Kevynn or Kevan, but we went w/ Rainee, and I'm happy we did! If you need to, here's my info: [email protected] My Name is Andrea ; ) P.S. There is nothing plain or simple about your beautiful L.O.!
JENNA, at 03:25PM on Tuesday September 18, 2007
Thank you ! Thank you! Yes, Kameron was born on March 14th ! I love the name Rainee... I have looked at alot of your layouts.... it looks like she loves dancing/performing etc. Kameron just started dancing a couple weeks ago and she seems to like it so far.. I hope she continues. I really like MM2 and cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the help you and Jesse have given to me - I probably would not have bought it without you all telling me to. I was really scared that it would be too complicated for me. (I just figured out that L.O. is layout!!! ha. I've been trying to figure out what it was for the last few weeks... ) my email is [email protected] - I know I will have more questions...