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An interview with my daughter about turning eight. The layout uses a background and embellishments from the Aunt Gerdi's Garden Quick Mix.


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Daniellec, at 05:00AM on Tuesday January 16, 2007
this is super cute!!
Jlarsen, at 11:14AM on Wednesday January 24, 2007
love it!
yellowdaizy, at 03:16PM on Wednesday May 02, 2007
How did you crop the picture into an oval?
ylmommyx4, at 01:50PM on Monday May 28, 2007
one of the best pages on the website. Thanks for the inspiration!
boop103, at 04:02PM on Friday June 01, 2007
Hey, love the layout!! I am also curious about how you cropped the picture in the oval, great job!!
gammy7, at 01:34AM on Tuesday July 03, 2007
The photo section of Memory Mix Version II allows you to change pictures into ovals, hearts, stars, diamonds, etc. ... I have had alot of fun with that option.
domaschuk, at 04:50PM on Saturday July 27, 2013
Great Layout and love the idea for the picture!!!