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We can still smile!!!!

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We were @ my mom & dad's house for Hurricane Rita - No electricity - it was hot - no stores were open to buy food - you could not buy gas etc. But, the kids were still smiling !!!


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Jesse77, at 01:51PM on Saturday September 22, 2007
nice work, How horrible for you guys. I can't imagine- but sure makes a wonderful scrapbook page to remember it by. Kids are so resilient!!! I wish adults still had a little bit of that-
JENNA, at 02:12PM on Saturday September 22, 2007
Thank you ! After working all day outside today... I had to do at least one page.. I was having withdraws... ha..
audosborne, at 03:11PM on Saturday September 22, 2007
This is a really pretty page.. nice way to rember a hurricane..with smiles instead of tears. I lived through a tornado in Kansas once. That was enough wind for me. Glad you were OK.
audosborne, at 03:13PM on Saturday September 22, 2007
You really to a good job choosing your fonts. That seems to be hard for me.
JENNA, at 03:11PM on Sunday September 23, 2007
annirana, at 03:25PM on Sunday September 23, 2007
It's great to record those memories also! Again, I live in West Texas, no floods, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, volcanoes etc...
BeachScraper, at 05:06PM on Sunday September 23, 2007
Nice Page...
JENNA, at 06:17AM on Tuesday September 25, 2007
Andrea... We may have to move to West Texas... I don't think Andrew or Russell would fuss too much especailly if they have a place to hunt. I can handle rain... but, not bad weather... Thank you to you & BeachScraper... for the comments..