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Trip to SeaWorld in Texas


OK, I am figuring out how to get items from other websites and use them in MM. I need more pictures! I need more pictures!!!!


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Jesse77, at 01:44AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
dank- I can definitely help you out, I have tons of pictures, where should I send them!??! Ha! What is the name of the kit you used on page one in the Sea World title, and flowers? Great job!
MHeher, at 01:51AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
Great Job! I'm a newbe as well. How do you get other embellishments on to your MM pages? I figured out how to get the backgrounds, but haven't figure out the other stuff yet.
danak, at 03:51AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
Jesse77 - thanks! The flowers are from computerscrapbook.com called Funky Florals. The lettering is from digitalfreebies.com, it is Maria la France's Juicy. MHeher: my e-mail address is [email protected] - e-mail me and I will send you instructions on the way that I do it.
Jesse77, at 06:03AM on Wednesday September 26, 2007
Thank you MHeher- I love Maria LaFrance's work. I wish she would design for MM, it would make it more convenient, but then again it would also make it more expensive! thank you again!
Lynn Grieveson, at 06:11PM on Thursday September 27, 2007
Great pages - love the blue! Want some of my pics LOL - I am drowning in them