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Mother Family Deni


Four layouts celebrating Mother's Day.


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Hilda, at 10:11AM on Wednesday August 30, 2006
can you print your pages in 12 x 12? Thanks Hilda
Deni, at 12:34PM on Monday September 04, 2006
I'm sorry, but I haven't tried yet. Let me know if you find out before I do. Thanks, Deni
cindylue, at 04:24AM on Tuesday September 05, 2006
Yes, you can print 12x12 pictures or layouts from MemoryMixer. All you have to do is go to MemoryMixer's home page and click on the photo processing link and you can upload your images. You can them choose which size you want and how many. They will then deliver the prints through the mail to you. Anyways, you girls should try it, I think it is a really nice system.
amydupuis, at 01:36PM on Wednesday September 06, 2006
Deni, I like the colors you used with your pictures. Is this a layout that you created on memory mixer program or did you create (the old fashion way)? Do you know if we will be able to down load any of these gallary layouts. I'm new to this way of scrapbooking. I'm having fun, but is taking some getting use to. I have a feeling that I will like this a lot better. Amy DuPuis Parker, Colorado
Deni, at 03:50PM on Wednesday September 06, 2006
Hi Amy. Yes, I used the QuickMix called "Flowers" under Lasting Impressions from Memory Mixer and just changed the background paper and added a couple of other embelishments. I'm not sure about downloading gallery layouts though. You might want to ask Customer Service. And yes, I know what you mean about digital scrapbooking. It's a whole new world of possibilites :)
MHeher, at 08:35AM on Wednesday May 30, 2007
You create such nice pages! Keep up the great work!
Deni, at 02:48PM on Monday June 18, 2007
Thank you so much.
jenniferstahle, at 04:22PM on Monday November 05, 2007
Can you save your layout as a 12 x 12 jpeg and up load the photos to a different digital printing plant like Costco?
parcaae, at 08:47AM on Sunday January 19, 2014
Can you print 12 x 12 on your own printer?