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Ramadan in Kuwait

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I decided to do a few pages about Ramadan - a very sacred time to Muslim people all over the world. I hope I got everything right.


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audosborne, at 01:11AM on Tuesday October 02, 2007
This fascinating and beautiful. What a great experince for your daughter.
MHeher, at 01:28AM on Tuesday October 02, 2007
Really nice page! Love the colors used. What font did you use for your Journaling?
danak, at 01:46AM on Tuesday October 02, 2007
Thanks! Ramadan is still going on - there are several days left. After it is over there is a couple of days of celebration called Eid Al-Fitr. The font I used was a freebie from 1001fonts.com called James Almacen. I love it - I have used it on several of my LOs.
Lynn Grieveson, at 09:06AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Very interesting page - loved looking at this.