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The kids thought I should do a page of where I work. The pink in the word "Delivery" was color matched from the little baby's rump!


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Jesse77, at 04:15PM on Tuesday October 02, 2007
Great Idea,what pretty pictures of you, I love your hair and color, very pretty! Thank God for people like you,that work in hospitals, you make a difference everyday!
annirana, at 04:41PM on Tuesday October 02, 2007
Thank you! My hair was half way down my back and obviously very blonde, (a few shades lighter than natural) and so I cut it and went brunette. Who knows what I'll do next w/ it. I really do love my job. Of all the dept.'s to work in, I like L&D the best. It's only when things go wrong that it is a very difficult place to be.
danak, at 12:44AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
great idea. That would be a pretty great job!
JENNA, at 06:16AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
I love this layout.... and what a great job... takes special people to do what you do... I have only been in the hospital twice - when I had Andrew & when I had Kameron - the nurses were wonderful and made all the difference in the world.... I wanted to have 10 kids... ha.
Lynn Grieveson, at 09:05AM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Great idea! These are the sorts of layouts you really treasure in the future I always think. Such cool pics too :-)
BeachScraper, at 02:19PM on Wednesday October 03, 2007
Eye catching LO...great pictures